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Re: [Antennaware] Telrex TB4EM

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Subject: Re: [Antennaware] Telrex TB4EM
From: Joe Reisert <>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:23:14 -0500
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FWIW....Telrex built good mono band beams. However, I've heard too many 
horror stories about their trapped beams. Seems they had lots of blown 
traps. I think they even used vacuum capacitors in some but somehow trapped 
beams eluded Telrex.

If it's free and you aren't running full amateur power limits, it's 
possibly worth the effort..


Joe, W1JR

  but their trap beams had many pro

At 12:30 PM 3/1/2005, Cam and Juli Hedrick wrote:
>Does anyone have information on this antenna, I've a chance to obtain one,
>but its located 77 miles away and I haven't the time to make the drive right
>now.  I am told that it was only up for 1.5 years and then disassembled and
>stored in a garage since.  What's the Forward Gain, and so on?  Is it a 4
>element beam and so on?  I'm really curious as I used to have the
>monobanders by Telrex...years ago.
>Thanks in advance,
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