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Subject: E35X
From: reisert@mast.enet.dec.com (Jim Reisert AD1C 09-Jun-1993 1357)
Date: Wed Jun 9 14:53:31 1993
Jim, KA6A/9 wrote about his gripes.  Here's mine:

Their pileup technique made it difficult to work them.  They didn't seem to
work two stations on the same frequency, the just spun the dial.  Thus you
had to hope that you landed in a clear spot or were REALLY loud.  I worked
them on 15 SSB for my only QSO, after listening to them for 20 minutes and
not hearing a single station they worked.

I also agree that they should have spent more time on 20 CW and less on 40.

73 - Jim AD1C (only 5 more to go)

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