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Subject: subscribe
From: pascoe@MathWorks.COM (pascoe@MathWorks.COM)
Date: Tue Sep 21 18:00:00 1993

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>  Tue Sep 21 23:26:49 1993
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Subject: administrative note
Message-ID: <748650409.37798.GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>

Administrative note:

I have moved the CQ-Contest mailing list to a new list management system.
This system has a number of advantages, including the automatic management 
administrative requests.  (IMHO, the most important feature!).  To get a
list of these commands, send a message to CQ-Contest-Request@TGV.COM with
the message text "HELP".

The way to post messages to the list will remain unchanged.

There are some other new features I consdier significant:

o White pages capability 

  + I would like to use the CQ-Contest list as a white pages directory of 
    email addresses for the contest community.  

  + New subscribers to the list will have their email addresses published
    unless they specify otherwise with the SET CONCEAL command. 

  + Those who want to be listed in the white pages but don't want to 
    receive postings to the list can do by subscribing to the list and then
    turning off mail delivery with the SET NOMAIL command.  This command is
    also useful for people who are going to be away and want their CQ-Contest
    mail delivery suspended while they are gone.  It is also useful for 
    people who are reading via sub-reflectors but would still like their
    address published.

  + To get a list of the subscribers, send a message with the text "REVIEW"
    to CQ-Contest-Request@TGV.COM.

  + I tried to get make everyone CONCEALed or NOCONCEALed based on WB2EKK and
    WB5VZL's lists, but I probably made some mistakes.  Use the QUERY command
    to check your own status.

o Suppress message from yourself capability

  + Some subscribers have a need not to receive message to the list that they
    originate.  They can suppress messages they originate by doing a SET 

In summary, you can get help by sending a message CQ-Contest-Request@TGV.COM
with a text of "HELP".  You must send commands in the body of the message; 
subject lines are ignored.  Send these messages to the -Request address, 
*NOT* to the list address.  Such messages will be transmitted to *every*
subscriber on the list and ignored by the -Request robot -- a complete waste
of time for everybody, including yourself.

If you have any questions about the new system, please send them directly to
me rather than to the entire group.

Happy hacking.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx>  Tue 
>Sep 21 22:39:06 1993
From: Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx> (Hodge 
Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9309211626.E9305-b100000@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx>

XE1/AA6RX   75/31 two hours of operation
XE1MX       41/25 two hours of operation

        This was Marcos' first Sprint.  He signed Mark to cut down the
confusion only to have to deal with real winners like Beavis, Butthead and
the clincher, Throckmorton!  He thanks you all for your patience and spelling
and will give the next one a go in February.  I thought the QSY rule would
really throw him but he caught right on.
        I am beginning to take N6TU's words to heart.  There are just some
situations where low power is punishment.  The SSB sprint from XE1 is, for
sure, one of these.  The number of times my CQ was buried by a mightier
signal, or a QSO was simply wiped out, or, with luck, simply delayed for a 
minute or two...ouch!  I never did manage to work a "real" 6. Guess they
were all pooped out from last week.  And I just never got hold of Kevin,
NC6U.  40 was all but useless.  I think I managed 3 or 4 QSO's there.  80
was so bad I couldn't even break in on the after test net to submit a score!
C'est la vie.  Thanks for the QSo's, guys.
                                                73,  David Hodge  XE1/AA6RX


>From Alpha Personal Systems -- DTN 223-5747 -- MLO3-6/A8  21-Sep-1993 1926 
><reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Wed Sep 22 00:22:49 1993
From: Alpha Personal Systems -- DTN 223-5747 -- MLO3-6/A8  21-Sep-1993 1926 
<reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Alpha Personal Systems -- DTN 223-5747 -- 
MLO3-6/A8 21-Sep-1993 1926)
Subject: CQWW.CTY file needed...
Message-ID: <9309212322.AA15458@us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

------------------Reply to mail dated 21-SEP-1993 19:26:37.73------------------

I replied to KB1GW directly.

- Jim AD1C

>From Tom Frenaye <0002349723@mcimail.com>  Wed Sep 22 00:16:00 1993
From: Tom Frenaye <0002349723@mcimail.com> (Tom Frenaye)
Subject: CQP rules
Message-ID: <03930921231630/0002349723PK2EM@mcimail.com>

See October QST, page 124.  Mine arrived yesterday.  73 Tom  K1KI

>From wb6cje@thetech.com (Jim rinkert)  Wed Sep 22 00:22:08 1993
From: wb6cje@thetech.com (Jim rinkert) (Jim rinkert)
Subject: Single Op using two rigs
Message-ID: <LR390B1w165w@thetech.com>

I will be active from Anguilla BWI during CQWW Phone (VP2ERN, S/O all 
bands).  I may have two radios available for the contest.  Could someone 
give me some advice on basic techniques for running two rigs S/O.  Also 
what are the most common methods being used to switch mic, headphone, and 
footswitch lines between the two radios.


wb6cje, Jim Rinkert  wb6cje@thetech.com

wb6cje@thetech.com (Jim rinkert)
The Tech BBS (408) 279-7199 San Jose, CA

>From rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein)  Wed Sep 22 02:16:34 1993
From: rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein) (Ronald D. Klein)
Subject: Phone Sprint at N6TR (fwd)
Message-ID: <9309220116.AA39893@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us>

N6TR said...

... stuff deleted ***

>  The phone sprint is VERY different than the CW sprint.  You have to work
>  a lot of non contesters to have a competitive score.  After 30 minutes
>  went by, I used the technique of switching back and forth between two
>  frequencies down below 14200.  This produced rates that were well over
>  100 an hour at times.        
.. stuff deleted
> I would be interested in hearing what people think of the 2 frequency
> technique.  It would be nice to have enough activity in the contest
> that this technique would be unnecessary.  I think it is somewhat
> unfair for me to occupy two frequencies at "the same time" (although
> I would occasionally loose one to real Sprint activity and I would have
> to find another).  This is not the vision the founding fathers had
> when they invented the QSY rule.
This was my first Sprint, so I speak from a naive viewpoint. I would like to 
see the 2 frequency technique declared against the rules. I think there is 
more skill required to keep moving - at a random rate. It seems to me a 
station should be constantly on the move and not just switching between two 
fixed frequencies. Announcements described by N2IC should also be verbotten.

For what it's worth.

73, Ron - W0OSK

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