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wpx rules

Subject: wpx rules
From: N0bsh@aol.com (N0bsh@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jun 3 00:15:45 1994
To all those wondering about the rules for signing portable, etc.
may I suggest you contact KA9FOX.  He knows!!!!
(sorry Scotty, I couldn't resist)

Mike  N0BSH

>From Dave Curtis <dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com>  Thu Jun  2 21:54:12 1994
From: Dave Curtis <dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com> (Dave Curtis)
Subject: $1000 for 1st Place
Message-ID: <9406022054.AA01980@climax.intel.com>

> Instead of a cash prize, or a transceiver -- how about a plane ticket for 
> an easy DX-pedition to a location with minimum hassle for license, 
> operating, etc.?  If we want to instill contesting -- what better 
> inducement than an opportunity to be a rare one!  And tickets to a 
> not-so-rare 
> location (ie KP4, VP9, etc) won't break the contest committee either.
>                    [<Alan Kaul, W6RCL>] kaul@netcom.com

Good idea,  Alan!  Also, just an invitation to participate in one
of the multi-op efforts might be a good incentive, and that doesn't even
have to cost a lot of money.  I suspect that plenty of contesters
would pay their own way (or split $/2) to the Caribean just to take 
advantage of the invitation to meet and operate with a first rate crew.

73, Dave NG0X

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