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K3UA Limited Multi VHF Score

Subject: K3UA Limited Multi VHF Score
From: KR2J@aol.com (KR2J@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jun 13 16:09:23 1994
                              ARRL VHF QSO PARTY  1994

Call: K3UA
>From Riansares Mountain (AKA Big Mountain)2700' ASL   Category: Limited Multi
FN11HB Clinton County, PA

      BAND     QSO    QSO PTS      GRIDS

       50      378      378          98
      144      571      571          64
      222       82      164          36
      432       93      186          37
     Totals   1124     1299         235  =   305,265

We also made 21 qsos in 16 grids on 1296.

Operator List: K3UA, KZ2S, KA2AEV, N2NT, N2NU, NZ4K, KU8E, WW2Y, N2ME
                      KD8NS, KF8OG, KA3JNN, KR2J

Special thanks to KB2AH for:
- loan of a 432 amp 
- a trailer mounted 100' crankup tower

Murphy dropped in on us too.
Conditions were less than what we hoped for.
We didn't get the antennas for 432 and 1296 put up for several hours after
the start.
The borrowed 432 amp didn't work at all.
The 432 mast mounted preamp blew up.
The 6 meter amp didn't work - temporarily.
The 2 meter FM feedline opened up.

Good parts:
The WX.
No injuries.
Good food (I'm the cook!)
We had a great time.
We worked W0UC on 2m SSB meteor scatter (really cool!) 
We heard AA9D on 2m SSB meteor scatter (cool, but not cool enough!)

This VHF stuff is great! (Even if you don't win)

>From Stankiewicz, Warren" <wstankiewi@arrl.org  Mon Jun 13 21:21:00 1994
From: Stankiewicz, Warren" <wstankiewi@arrl.org (Stankiewicz, Warren)
Subject: Washington State Salmon Run 1994
Message-ID: <2DFCC164@arrl.org>

Does anyone know if there's going to be one of these this September? Even 
better, does anyone have a copy of the rules for this year? I'd sure like to 
get it into Contest Corral if it is.

Thanks for any help!

Warren C. Stankiewicz, NF1J
ARRL Assistant Contest Manager

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz@csn.org  Mon Jun 13 22:05:34 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz@csn.org (John W. Brosnahan)
Subject: 3Y0PI
Message-ID: <199406132105.AA05990@teal.csn.org>

By extension of N2IC's logic it may be a misdemeanor to even posses a
3Y0PI qsl card.  To do so, and especially if you contributed to the
expedition, you are probably an accessory to a felony.  
(HI HI     -- for the humor impaired)
73  John

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz@csn.org  Mon Jun 13 22:14:22 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz@csn.org (John W. Brosnahan)
Subject: oops
Message-ID: <199406132114.AA06866@teal.csn.org>

Posted my tongue in cheek about N2IC's postition to the wrong relector.  Sorry.
But the mail impaired of us will understand, or am I Terminally confused? W0UN

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Mon Jun 13 23:21:00 
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: FW: N8FMD VHF score?
Message-ID: <2DFCF9B5@admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

From: owner-cq-contest
To: cq-contest
Subject: N8FMD VHF score?

Has anyone heard any numbers from Mr. Congeniality, N8FMD in
the June VHF contest?

Michael ("Damn them for moving the contest!") Owen, W9IP

I'm clueless, and would love to know what the heck is going on.

73, tom WB4iUX

>From mwollnnn@reach.com (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu )  Tue Jun 14 02:10:52 
From: mwollnnn@reach.com (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu ) (Marty Woll -- BA - 
Honolulu )
Subject: re. VHF Test Gripe
Message-ID: <9406140110.AA21249@ad0.reach.com>

[re. the N4MM message forwarded from YCCC PacketCluster]

>I have been receiving comments about some of the poor operating practices
>in the recent ARRL June VHF Contest. Most of these were due to hogging FM
>channels, endlessly. ... In order to get action and more awareness of these
>situations, please write ...

I hope this does not trigger another round of attempts to eliminate or
further limit the use of FM in VHF contests. To do so would only further
harm serious west coast participants, who are already disadvantaged by
terrain and scarcity of tropo ducts. Our top-5 finishes at N6CA in 1988-90
would have been impossible without heavy use of FM on bands such as 220.
Courtesy and competition aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but as long
as the loudest guy is making contacts on a popular fm channel, he should be
permitted to do so. I agree that leaving a CQ machine on long after the
contacts run out is inappropriate, but being loud and working people is
part of contesting. If someone's idea of fun is to sit around while
everyone takes turns making a contact on the frequency, forget contests
and go join a 75m roundtable.

Please write your CAC rep and ask him to resist the inevitable gripes that
accompany any competition and preserve the current rules re. FM in VHF

Marty Woll N6VI/KH6    (mwollnnn@reach.com)
59-768 Kanalani Place  H: 808-638-7720
Haleiwa, HI 96712      W: 808-531-3666    FAX 808-531-3433

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