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Packet points on FD

Subject: Packet points on FD
Date: Tue Jun 28 02:14:47 1994
I'm sending this to all on the reflector with the hope that someone
from the CAC will see this.  All comments welcome of course.

One of the more interesting FD rules concerns packet operation.  I'm sure
this was originally intended to encourage that fledgling mode.

A packet station is a free transmitter and its QSO's count as 2 points
each.  If you're QRP, and we were, it's ten points each to go on the local
packet cluster, make an announcment that you're looking for Q's and then
achieve those Q's by exchanging in the talk mode.  An interpretation
today by a member of the contest division said this is a valid contact.

It seems to me that points by this method are much easier to come by
than any other means.  In fact, in today's ham environment, these points
are like stealing candy from a baby.  It would be easy for a stationto

score 1,000 or more points in a few hours... and without using a 
counted transmitter.

Shouldn't this loophole be tightened?  Shouldn't the packet advantage be

This year's rules are on QST pages 132-133 May '94.

Geoff WA1U

>From Jan-Eric Rehn <jere@ccmail.svt.se>  Tue Jun 28 11:34:15 1994
From: Jan-Eric Rehn <jere@ccmail.svt.se> (Jan-Eric Rehn)
Subject: CQ Central Florida!
Message-ID: <9406281034.A00942@ccmail.svt.se>

        My friend SM3AFR/Tom and I (SM3CER/Jan) will be visiting central
        Florida (Orlando/Kissimmee/Tampa/Clearwater area) July 13-21.
        I am a devoted contester and SSA Contest Manager (Sweden) as well.
        We are looking for contest sites in central Florida (coast to coast)
        to visit.
        It would be nice to see what you've got over there.
        Anyone interested to show us their setup maybe sometime during
        the weekend July 16-17??? Please answer before the end of
        this week (I'm starting my vacation next week and will not
        be able to pick up my mail after July 1).
        73      Jan-Eric Rehn/SM3CER    <jere@ccmail.svt.se>

>From DFREY" <HARRIS.DFREY@IC1D.HARRIS.COM  Mon Jun 27 21:27:15 1994
Subject: FD result W9AWE 2A IL   (Typical club group)
Message-ID: <QCY2.DFREY.6685.1994 0627 15 27 15 27>

FD Results,  W9AWE  2A IL   Western Illinois ARC (60 members)

      band      cw    ssb
       80        0      0     - never again!
       40      352    173       Dipole at 55 ft
       20      370    414       TH3 at 40 ft
       15      196    126       same as 40M
       10        9    130       TH3 at 40'
        6        0     45       dipole at 35 ft
        2        0      5       uh, FM sucks
      nov        0      0     - never again either
      pkt        8      0
    total      927 +  893  = 1820   + 910 bonus =  6,404

CW ops:  N9JF, K4XU   SSB ops: W9NEZ, KC3ZQ, VU2TOP, N9LDR,
All our Novices have upgraded to General, the rest are just
low Techs! There's a lesson here.

Equipment:  TS-520 (SSB), OMNI-VI (CW), TS-650 (6M)
Site:  Front porch of Quincy Museum of History & Art (closed)

Great trees & conditions, no bugs or visitors, not enough CW
ops. Rain waited until teardown. Good spot on local TV news.

73,   Dick K4XU   FD Chairman, Treasurer & Trustee.

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