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Grid Squares in HF Contesting

Subject: Grid Squares in HF Contesting
From: aa2du@netcom.com (aa2du@netcom.com)
Date: Sun Jul 31 23:21:21 1994
Actually Walt, I do hold the office of Vice President of the Yankee Clipper 
Contest Club, but 

that dosen't change my views about attending 2 meetings a year. Otherwise you 
don't really have 

a club, do you? If you want to join a team for Sprints, that is a different 
animal altogether, 

but that's not a club.

Gee, videoconferencing for club meetings...that sounds like a good idea. But 
you still need to 

"attend" 2 conferences a year. However, there are those among us who resist 
submitting logs 

electronically...wonder what the response will be to electronic club "meetings"?

>JP writes:
>>There is more to contesting than turning in a score for your affiliation. 
>>Part of the allure for me is the social aspect of meeting with and talking 
>>to my fellow contester at club meetings.
>The allure is still there. Don't tell me you operate contests to win a
>popularity contest in your club. JP, are you running for office?
>>It is a great way to learn new things and exchange ideas.
>Have you ever heard of teleconfrencing or videoconferencing. You don't have to
>be there to participate in an exchange of ideas.

J.P. Kleinhaus, AA2DU
ARRL Hudson Division C.A.C. Representative
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TVI???  What TVI???

>From Robert Penneys <penneys@brahms.udel.edu>  Mon Aug  1 12:17:38 1994
From: Robert Penneys <penneys@brahms.udel.edu> (Robert Penneys)
Subject: Need a couple NERDS fr NAQP
Message-ID: <199408011117.HAA14117@brahms.udel.edu>

We still need a team member or so for the CW NAQP this Saturday PM.
I will post roster and summaries. Let me know now if you are interested.
Tnx Bob

Bob Penneys, WN3K     Frankford Radio Club      N.E.R.D.S.
Internet:  penneys@brahms.udel.edu       Work: Ham Radio Outlet, Delaware
U.S. Mail:  12 East Mill Station Drive    Newark, DE 19711    U.S.A.

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