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Tell WJ2O where to get off

Subject: Tell WJ2O where to get off
From: WJ2O@aol.com (WJ2O@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 01:41:13 1995
Hello fellow contesters:

I could use some fresh ideas.  Here's your chance to tell me where to go!

I need to start considering where to operate for World Wide CW in November
and ARRL CW next February. 


For WW I was thinking of 9Y4 due to it's 3 point value for being considered
South America.  Any comments on that or suggestions on where to stay?
 Dosen't need to be an existing ham station.  I can have just as much fun
with a vertical and 100 watts than with yagis and a kw.  

Please don't send me to P40 and make me compete with all those good
operators.  Any leads on those small countries north of Brazil 8R1, PZ or
FY7?  A cottage rental is ideal.  My wife and I are taking another couple on
this trip so we would have to sleep 4.  The other couple are divers so if it
isn't an island it has to be near the coast.


For ARRL CW it is of course important to stay close to the US.  This way it's
like fishing in a fishbowl.  But I would like to be someplace that I haven't
been before.  I've been considering J3.  It's also fun to be somewhat unique
(there is always a ZF or a VP5 on).  Any ideas here?


Hope you guys get on for IARU and work me from TF.  I'm only running dipoles
and 100 watts so I don't anticipate a boomy QSO count.  If it is anything
like my experience in Greenland last year, I only had one band that anybody
heard me on, good ole 20 meters.  You can bet that I'll be CQing on my
favorite band 30 meters outside the test.


Here is a list of where I have operated so you don't send me back:  C6A, KP1,
KP2, KP4, OX, PJ2, VE (zone 2), VP2E, V2, 6Y5, TF (next week) and CE, CE0A,
ZP (coming this fall)

Thanks for your help,
73 es CUL, Dave, WJ2O

>From James Brooks" <9v1yc@equator.lugs.po.my  Thu Jun 29 07:21:41 1995
From: James Brooks" <9v1yc@equator.lugs.po.my (James Brooks)
Subject: APSprint
Message-ID: <2ff23868.equator@equator.lugs.po.my>

Just another reminder of this contest in a few weeks.....

Please note the change in awards.  There will now be a winner
in *each* country and *each* continent plus one overall.
The winners get an exclusive, limited edition, way-cool, full color,
Asia-Pacific contest T-shirt.  

(If activity and sponsorship goes up -i.e. more folks decide to
send in a log and we get a big-name club to sponsor-  we might
open up the awards to major call areas or even all entries above
a certain QSO level).

There are also a few slight changes to the AP countries list:

The bad news is that for all of you in VK0/Mac or VK0/Heard, 
I'm sorry to say, we've excluded you from the Asia-Pacific 
domain. But good news for all of you in KH9! We've officially 
*included* your populous island into the Asia-Pacific grouping,
so spread the word at the next KH9 club meeting. :-)   <-note smiley face

Please post these rules to your own PacketClusters, bulletins,
newsletters, reflectors, CNN.....

Promotion + logging + T-shirts sponsored at the moment by: 


1st Asia-Pacific Sprint

Objective:  To work as many stations within the defined Asia-Pacific
            region in the 2-hour time limit.  

Winners:    Each DXCC country, continent plus one overall.  
            Winners receive a cool Asia-Pacific contest T-shirt.

Time:  1230-1430 UTC

1.  Bands  20m & 40m
2.  Mode  CW
3.  Power limit: 150W output
4.  Category: Single op, Single radio.
5.  Exchange:  RST + Serial # beginning with 001
6.  Points: 1 point/QSO with each station in Asia Pacific region.
7   Dupes:  Same station can be worked only once on the same band.
8.  Mults:  1 mult/prefix (once only - not once per band) (WPX rules)
9.  CQ'er QSY's at least 1 KHZ after a QSO.
10. Final Score:  Points x Mults  

Asia-Pacific countries for this contest:  
(coutries from Asia side Pacific Rim to 180 degrees)

3D2(all), 1S/9M0, 9M2, 9M6/8, 9V, BV, BY, C2, DU, FK8, FW, H4, HL, 
HS, JA, JD1/Ogasawara, JD1/Marcus, KC6 (Belau), KH2, KH9, KH0, P29, 
T2, T30, T33, UA0, V6/KC6, V7, V85, VK1-9(all except VK9X & VK9Y), 
VS6, XU, XV/3W, XX9, YB, YJ, ZL(all except Chatham & Kermadec), 

Results posted to: CQ-CONTEST@TGV.com, AP-SPRINT@dumpty.go.jp and
                   (hopefully) NCJ.

Rules and results will be distributed by the automated info-server.
Send a request mail to: info-contest@dumpty.nal.go.jp
with the command in the body:  #get ap-sprint.rule

All logs must contain complete QSO information plus a summary sheet
and your T-shirt size.

Japan Logs:
Post:   Tack Kumagai, P O BOX 22, 
        Mitaka, Tokyo 181, JAPAN

Outside Japan:
Post: James Brooks
      15 Balmoral Road #03-08
      Singapore 1025  SINGAPORE

All E-mail:


(as always, summary sheet + ASCII format log + T-shirt size)

Log deadline:  E-mail: 72 hours, Post: Postmarked by July 24 

| 9v1yc@equator.lugs.po.my  |

>From Richard Riley #7122" <RRILEY%ESA.BITNET@vm.gmd.de  Thu Jun 29 17:27:40 
From: Richard Riley #7122" <RRILEY%ESA.BITNET@vm.gmd.de (Richard Riley #7122)
Subject: VHF/UHF Field Day

to the minority:

If you're in Europe and equipped on 70Mhz and up...this could concern YOU!

This weekend brings us the RSGB VHF NFD...70,144,432 and 1296, a REF(France)
144 Contest and a whole bunch of other activity across Europe.

The fun starts at 1400GMT Saturday and runs (for most of us) until
the same time Sunday.

In the scorching weather we're having in Europe right now (90F/30C in GM!!)
there's no excuse for not being active!

For my part I'll be with my usual gang, F6KBF/P, overlooking the
English Channel for a serious effort in the French 144 test.

I've convinced the boys to bring along some 432 and maybe 1296 gear in order
to give some points to the "rosbifs" across the water!

to the majority:

See you guys next weekend S/O mixed from Tango Mike ONE Charlie.
(not "good" for Wales!:-))



email:  rriley%esa.bitnet@vm.gmd.de
packet: G0JFX@F6KBF

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd@CapAccess.org  Thu Jun 29 13:56:50 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd@CapAccess.org (Rich L. Boyd)
Subject: Lightning....yawn
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506290848.L11385-9100000@cap1.capaccess.org>

W0UN told the story at Dayton of watching a thunderstorm march toward his
station across the wide open spaces of Colorado, the strikes discontinue
when they reached his QTH, then pick up again on the other side, going
away.  All the hardware apparently is able to dissipate the charge before
it becomes lightning.

I have occasionally observed a static tic-tic-tic at the end of a coax at
my place, with no lightning seemingly around.

Rich Boyd KE3Q

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