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International Team Going to KP4!

Subject: International Team Going to KP4!
From: ramirezk@emi.com (ramirezk@emi.com)
Date: Thu Mar 14 20:25:02 1996
 I know this is digressing from the normal subject matter of 
late but just thought I'd let you all know that the KP4XS WPX 
SSB Multi-Multi Team will be heading for Western Puerto Rico 
next week for the assembly of the station. All equipment is on 
site,enroute or being hand carried by the ops. All Cold Beer 
will be purchased and consumed in a timely manner and the 
octopus pot will be set on "low Boil" as soon as we arrive.
This years team has increased by 2 ops. 4 are newcomers to the 
  Here are the members and the likely bands you will hear them 
 WD8ISK- 10 meters. Terry is an experienced 6m scatter op. Lord 
knows that scatter might be our only hope on that band! Listen 
on 28.490 for the scatter burst.QTH Virginia
KP4XS-15 meters. I just hope the band opens to somewhere other 
than LU!QTH South Carolina PVRC Member
KF3P- 20 meters Tyler will be doing his 20m magic just as he has 
done over at W3LPLs for the last 20 years.QTH MAryland PVRC 
AA6KX-40 meters- Bruce joins us from NCCC territory. His memory 
banks WILL be erased before he heads back there so don't get 
your hopes up NCCC.QTH California
K3JT-75 meters-Terry joins us from the Mountains of West 
Virginia and hopes to feel the warm sun he hasn't felt in years!
ND3F- 160 Meters. Please make an effort to work us on 160!
e really need the QSO points. We'll have bevvies and Ewes in 
place. We'll probably pass you from 75!
S50OO- That's Sierra Five Zero Oscar Oscar. Goran joins us from 
Slovenia to assist on all bands.( If he survives the Airplane 
 We'll have the usual rag tag assembly of equipment I.E. 
SB220s,Clipperton Ls,Icom 740s,Kenwood 830s,and 20 foot masts 
for all our 3 element monobanders and low band wires. Hey,all 
the Big Name equipment manufacturers wouldn't respond to our 
request for loans.
Our most important pieces of equipment? The I.C.E. Band Pass 
Filters! Don't leave home without em!
 Good Luck to all in WPX SSB and Hope to work you.
Glen, was this more appropriate? Oops,forget that you signed 
     73 Ken KP4XS/now W4 Next week / KP4

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