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Contest elitists,Savants,WRTC,etc

Subject: Contest elitists,Savants,WRTC,etc
From: ramirezk@emi.com (ramirezk@emi.com)
Date: Thu Mar 14 20:25:08 1996
     My original intentions were to let everyone else vent and 
just sit back and bite my tongue but a couple of the last 
messages seen here have stirred up the cranial juices.
 What I have seen here the last few weeks has been an 
ASS-KISSING En-masse.  You guys should listen to yourselves!
 " Oh ,my Hero is blah blah blah" "The best contest op is Blah 
Blah Blah". "I adolize blah blah blah" "Thank you so much Blah 
Blah Blah for showing us Contest Savant Wannabes the only way to 
do it" Can it be described as gushing? It's enough to make one 
puke. Now comes word from some that they don't take seriously 
what others have to say about contesting methods,etc. They only 
want to hear it from the guys with their Calls in Lights. Man,if 
this doesn't come across as elitist arrogance then what does? 
Has it dawned on anybody that there are lots of very good 
contesters that are members of Multi-Multi operations that may 
have an intelligent thought to add to this reflector?Do you 
suppose that someone fairly new to contesting just might have a 
good idea?. Just because they don't have their pictures 
constantly showing up in the magazines or their callsigns 
highlighted in the contest results doesn't make their ideas or 
thoughts any less valuable to the rest of us.
The attitude some of you guys exhibit is enough to drive any new 
contester back to rag-chewing on 75 meters or back to his stamp 
   Now as far as some of the WRTC comments are concerned; maybe 
we should all take notice of what is being said and work on 
trying to fix what may be causing this perception problem.
If WRTC is seen in this light by more than a few observers then 
there must be a reason for it. Why do some of you deem their 
observations as an attack of some sort? What is gained by a 
Counter-Attack? Who cares what call is behind the negative 
observations? What should matter is that an attempt be made to 
put WRTC in a positive light. Don't tarnish it with an Us vs 
them attitude.
 Next subject? Mr "Can't we stick to something contest related". 
All I can say is," Good riddance".Funny how his complaining 
never was contest oriented. There is nobody on here any more 
important than anyone else who should dictate what is 
appropriate contest talk. What may be contest related to someone 
may not be the same to another. I again ask if you believe the 
world revolves around you? What color is the sky in your 
world?We all have something in common and all have plenty of 
 I bet there are guys on here that are damned good,if not the 
best, at something or another. So what if contesting isn't the  
thing they are best at!When all is said and done after you have 
beaten everyone else in a contest and done the bragging on 75 
meters you still have to flush after taking a dump don't you? 
Welcome to Earth Supermen!
         Now on to the battlefields! CQ CONTEST- KP4XS

>From Charles H. Harpole" <harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu  Fri Mar 15 03:27:32 1996
From: Charles H. Harpole" <harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)
Subject: DXpeditions Videographer/ham
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960314222028.17694A-100000@Pegasus>

Hello all,
I am hereby making an advertisement for myself as YOUR videographer on 
your next DXpedition!
I am a video/filmmaker with experience in documentaries (including making 
one in Moscow, then-USSR) and own my video equipment and have access to 
editing.  16mm film is also a possibility.  I teach film at the 
University of Central Fla. in Orlando.
I am a ham of over twenty-five years, dx-er, contester (see next 10meter 
contest results!), and did my own mini dxpedition to US Virgin Islands.
I can travel especially from May5 thru Aug.5 1996.  Othertimes with notice.
Let me know.  73, K4VUD Charlie

73, K4VUD

Charlie Harpole, Ph. D.               Bands:  160m thru 440; SSB, CW, Pkt.
3100 North Hwy. 426                   Mobile: 80-10m (100 w) & 146 & 440
Geneva, FL  32732-9761                DXer and Contester:  237 confrmd.
E-mail adr:  harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Voice:  (407) 349-2211   Work:  (407) 823-3606   24-hr. FAX: (407) 823-5255
or FAX at home at (407) 349-2211 but voice first.

K4VUD is faculty advisor for the University of Central Florida Amateur 
Radio Club and trustee for its call sign, WB4TCW, and repeater, 146.640 
in Orlando, Fla.  Club has 4 hf rigs, and all modes on 2m & 440.

K4VUD is a member of the 4U1UN Radio Readiness Net, SATURN Ring Salvation 
Army emerg. group, Life Member ARRL, and nice guy (except in contests!).

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