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Andrews Hardline connector question

Subject: Andrews Hardline connector question
From: ramirezk@emi.com (ramirezk@emi.com)
Date: Sat Mar 16 10:55:13 1996
 Hello OMs!
    Does an Andrews Female N-connector that has been PROPERLY 
installed on Andrews LDF5-50 7/8 inch Hardline need to be sealed 
against moisture entry?
 Here is my situation. I have a run of Andrews LDf5-50 
terminating at the top of my tower. It has a CORRECTLY installed 
Female N type connector with the connector pointing straight up. 
Mted to the female connector is an Andrews manufactured jumper 
with a Male N-Type connector on LDF4-50 1/2 inch hardline. The 
coonector on the jumper points straight down into the female 
connector. The jumper has ,what appears to be a plastic collar 
down about 3 inches of the half inch. When I installed this 
stuff last September I did not wrap it with tape or coax seal.
At the time it appeared that both ends would be waterproof due 
to the design of each connector,etc.
 Well, yesterday a new sustained winds record was broken here in 
the Greenville, SC area. The winds were clocked at 87 miles per 
hour,shattering the old record of 72 MPH. I spent 15 minutes 
indoors looking up at my towers and watching my antennas being 
tossed about like rag dolls. Fortunately there doesn't appear to 
be any damage and fortunately the winds all came from the same 
direction and my antennas were pointing in to them.
 What worries me is the possibility of rain water being forced 
by the winds around the Hardline connector seals. Having been in 
a Typhoon on Guam and seeing water pouring out of the electrical 
outlets after being forced into the A/C entry conduit by high 
winds I wonder if the same will happen to a PROPERLY installed 
connector. Are the Andrews connectors designed with such 
calamities in mind? Would sealing the whole splice keep any 
trapped moisture from exiting? Or should I just leave it the way 
it is? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. 73 Ken

>From mpickard@netcom.com (Mike Pickard)  Sat Mar 16 15:59:59 1996
From: mpickard@netcom.com (Mike Pickard) (Mike Pickard)
Subject: ARRL DX CW Mystery
Message-ID: <199603161559.HAA27228@netcom4.netcom.com>

If you participated in the ARRL DX CW contest on 2/17 and 2/18, and if
you like to solve puzzles, read on please!

I was running stations and there was a very weak station who I tried to work 
and after many tries finally gave up..... to my great frustration!
I have asked our local experienced contesters/dxers but no one has been
able to help. Perhaps one of you could help.

Here are excerpts of what I copied:


(note that the O is not zero just alphabet letter "O", the only number
I copied was the 5 in 5NN!)

The time of this qSO was on 2/18 around 1100 hours, UTC.

Any help would be appreciated very much.

My contest entry has already been sent in, this QSO was not logged
but I am very curious what was wrong with my copying.

Mike K7NPN

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