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sunspots and lightbulbs

Subject: sunspots and lightbulbs
From: PEMS_ST_DK@noeca.ohio.gov (PEMS_ST_DK@noeca.ohio.gov)
Date: Wed Mar 20 12:22:48 1996
Dr. Hideum Slyly has done a study of light bulb burnout and sunspot
level correlations.  He has found that their is NO significant difference
between the number of burnt bulbs at any point in the sunspot cycle.
Several theories have been posited.

1.  During sunspot minimums lower signal strength and dead band tuning
cause contestors to stare for longer periods at light bulbs thereby
noticing that they DO burnout.

2. During sunspot maximums the average amount of time between changing
out a burnt light bulb is 4 months.  This is believed to be related to the
fact that actual LOUD signals come from radios thus drawing attention to
the glow of the radio, not the overhead lightbulbs.

3. Placing opaque covers over light bulbs eliminates the problem of replace-
ment.  This theory is being testing during ten meter contests in KL7 land.

Local thought: IF I was in a local club and could go on a dxpedition and 
maybe win it all for my LOCAL club --- wouldn't that be cool!!

Sunspots-please return soon!
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