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Station Ergonomics

Subject: Station Ergonomics
From: N1MM@aol.com (N1MM@aol.com)
Date: Sat Mar 23 08:17:53 1996

I use a computer at work and at home many hours per day.  About
a year ago I started getting tendonitis in my neck from heavy use of
a mouse at work.  

I found out some "rules" while trying to get rid of the tendonitis.  The
rule is that with your feet on the floor, your legs should form a right
angle.  This can be hard to accomplish for very short or very tall people.

The second rule is that when typing or mousing, your arms should
form a right angle. I.e. your elbow should be at the same height as
the keyboard and mouse.

The third rule is that the top of the monitor should be at about
eye height.  This will keep your head in a comfortable position.

For my tendonitis, there seemed to be two problems.  The 
first problem was that the mouse and keyboard were at 
different heights at work.  This was fixed by eliminating my
lowered keyboard tray and using the regular desktop.  

The second problem was a little off-topic, but interesting.
I found that mousing-clicking  with my left index was what 
really sent sharp pains to my arm and neck.  When I switched
to a mouse that did not require as much up and down clicking
and allowed more side-to-side clicking, the pain went away!
Just like a bug/keyer is less painful than a straight key....
In my opinion, I had telegrapher's "glass arm"!

Seems like old problems don't go away, the just resurface
in a different form. 


>     I want to build a new operation position this spring/summer.
>I am going to put it in the basement so there is plenty of room
>for whatever I want to do. Operating considerations are that
>it will be primarily a single op HF station with a VHF/UHF
>station. The most pertinent question is what shape should the
>operating desk be? Straight, L-shaped (L on left or right or
>depends on handedness), U-shaped, something else? What about
>desk height? Should it be normal desk height or somewhat lower so
>that the keyboard is at a comfortable height. I am considering
>insetting the keyboard into the desk and covering that with
>plexiglass when not in use. Placement of the monitor? I realize
>much of this depends on personal preferences but is there one 
>set up more that's more effecient than another?

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