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Subject: Power
From: RBates854@aol.com (RBates854@aol.com)
Date: Thu Mar 28 09:03:52 1996
How about a contest for real worl ops:

Tribanders at 50 feet
NO amps allowed
Wire sloper or dipole on 40 & 80 (one for each band allowed)
and minimum S7 noise on all bands.

We might find some REAL operators !!!

gl in WPX to all de Bob AA9DX

>From scole@abby.cyborg.bt.co.uk (STEVE COLE)  Thu Mar 28 14:13:49 1996
From: scole@abby.cyborg.bt.co.uk (STEVE COLE) (STEVE COLE)
Subject: POWER!
Message-ID: <9603281413.AA09500@abby>

To:      CQ-Contest@tgv.com 
Subject: POWER!

In the recent "debate" (?), someone said:

"I believe all S/O and M/S entries throughout Europe use around
1-3 KW and the organisers know this....."

Oh  yeah?  Well,  NOT SO HERE, I run a 16 year-old  SB220  complete  with
original tubes  and keep to the (U.K.) license rules on power, i.e.   400
Watts peak output from running it in CW mode, if I ran anymore then I
guess  the amp  would  have  blown years ago, in stead  I  run  it  at  a
conservative level and stay within the rules.

One of the European contesters visited me last year and asked "Where`s the
Amp  - you know, the REAL amp?" He was surprised to see nothing more  than
the ole `220.

73  Steve  GW4BLE.

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