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[CQ-Contest] Signal reports

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Signal reports
From: k5zd@ultranet.com (Randy Thompson)
Date: Wed Jun 4 19:24:25 1997

On Tuesday, June 03, 1997 6:39 PM, Kevin E. Schmidt 
[SMTP:w9cf@ptolemy.la.asu.edu] wrote:
> I am curious whether serious contesters feel the same way.  That is, do
> you send 599 just to save time and effort in transmitting, and on the
> receiving end you would just as soon get honest reports, or does
> receiving honest reports slow you down and annoy you?
> 73 Kevin w9cf
I guess I could be considered a 'serious' competitor.

- It doesn't bother me at all when people send real signal reports.  I kind of 
like knowing!  It certainly doesn't slow down or annoy me.
- I would send more real signal reports if the software supported it!

Randy, K5ZD

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