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[CQ-Contest] 48 hour!!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 48 hour!!
From: k5zd@ultranet.com (Randy Thompson)
Date: Wed Jun 4 20:55:44 1997

On Tuesday, June 03, 1997 5:08 PM, Hamad J. Al-Nusif [SMTP:9k2hn@moc.kw] 
> Hi Contester,
>       I was always thinking how can some one can work contest for full 48 hour
> without stopping!!, Can any one please give me some tips of how can I 
> a wake for 48 hour in a contest?? my maximum time was 19 hour without
> break!!. Because I'm planing to be S/O AB in CQ WW SSB DX in 1997, and I
> need to be a wake for 48 hour like the others. any help with that?? or is
> this the secret of winning!!
> Thank you
> de 9k2hn
One of my favorite subjects!  I wrote a complete article on this for the 
NCJ several years ago.

Here is the summary version.  To stay awake for 48 hours as a single 
operator you have to want to do it real bad.  There is no substitute for 
determination!  It is going to feel very bad about 30 hours into the 
contest and you have to work through it.  Here is how I try to do it:

- Sleep as much as possible the week leading up to the contest.  This will 
have you well rested.
- Sleep at least 3 hours just before the contest starts.  This is very 
difficult if you are excited but you have to try.  I usually end up with 
three 45 minute naps.
- Do not eat or drink much during the contest.  Stay in the chair and keep 
making contacts.  A rising score on the computer screen can be a big 
- Do not be afraid to take a short break after 24-27 hours of operating.  I 
usually try to take a shower.  This will wake you up enough to get to 
sunrise when your body will wake up again.
- You must always keep going.  Do not worry about the competition or 
conditions.  Your mind will play many tricks trying to convince you to 
- It is actually harder to run stations when you are falling asleep than to 
search and pounce.  If you find yourself drifting off during a run, take a 
scan across the band.  It will get your mind back into the contest.
- Use the DVP as much as possible during the contest.  Your voice won't 
last without it.  Also, talking is very physically demanding.

Good luck!

Randy, K5ZD

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