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[CQ-Contest] Outgoing "W" QSL's

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Outgoing "W" QSL's
From: kx9x@uiuc.edu (Sean Kutzko)
Date: Mon Feb 16 23:32:41 1998
This is very true. It took me a while to catch on to this
phenomena as well. Now, after a couple of expeditions and dozens
of contests, I am on the receiving end of QSL's without SASE's.
As I am also unemployed, I can't afford sending out postcards on
a regular basis.

My solution is to have the requests submitted without an SASE
sit there until I can swing a few stamps. When I can, I reply to
their request, as a postcard. I had a bunch of stickers printed
up from my computer, which say:

Thanks for the QSO!
A gentle reminder... Most contesters and DX'ers go through
thousands of cards each year. Your use of a self-addressed
stamped envelope when requesting QSL's lowers te cost of getting
your QSL to you and increases your chance of getting a reply.
Please use S.A.S.E.'s in the future. Thanks & 73!

I printed up stacks of stickers with this message. I've received
a couple of "thank-you" notes from previous submitters, saying
they didn't realize it was an issue. While it's certainly not
going to stem the tide overnight, it will make a difference in
the long run.



Sean Kutzko, Amateur Radio: KX9X
Urbana, IL USA       Grid EN50vc
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