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[CQ-Contest] Get that rate up !! Use "eatep" !

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Get that rate up !! Use "eatep" !
From: N5RP@pdq.net (Bob, N5RP)
Date: Sat Mar 10 13:45:36 2001
I was really in no position to spend very much time operating during the
most recent ARRL SSB test(s) so I decided to try implementing an
optimization process that might shorten the amount of time necessary for my
required information exchange and resultant QSO bookings.

Now then, ..............
We all know that an "N" means a 9.
We all know that an "A" means 1.
We all know that "E" means 5.
We all know that "K" means "KW" means "Kilowatt".
We all know that "Cowel" means "Cal" means "California".

There are other shortcuts, but hopefully my just mentioning the above list
will  convey the idea that I am trying to get to across.

We all know these things, because:
We know "when" these abbreviations are implemented,
"where" they are implemented,
and this results in a logic chain of "what" the abbreviations meant,
and makes the abbreviations "understood" to mean that which they would not
normally mean on face value.

I suppose what I have been missing all these years is the "understanding"
that it is possible to pass along, via assumption, that, which it is
"understood", and takes too long to properly implement in a QSO exchange

So I got to thinkin' ............
Since I am a five, and since Texas is the only state in 5 Land that begins
with "T",
I could rightfully shorten my CW exchange to ENN T.

Similarly, in ARRL SSB, I could just go to "59 Tango".

That derned "X" and that derned "exas" can be just as easily assumed as
"W", "owatt" or "ifornia".

I made some quick "assumptions" on these "assumptions", and I "assume" that
by my eliminating that unnecessary junk from my exchange, my overall QSO
rate might be increased by a substantial margin.

Problem is, I don't know by just "how much".

Can somebody out there in high rate land please send me the URL address
where I might find the algorithm that will allow me to calculate same?

I can't wait to see what my new "exchange assumption technology enhancement
protocol" (eatep) might generate in the way of hard numbers on the
Bob Perring
Amateur Radio Station  N5RP
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