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Fw: [CQ-Contest] Re "No QSL Needed"

Subject: Fw: [CQ-Contest] Re "No QSL Needed"
From: ua3vcs@mail.ru (Art Popoff)
Date: Wed Oct 16 07:47:42 2002
Hi to All,

NOQSL sounds a bit too wide. If I QRV from some remote QTH and am of some 
interest to amateur radio community people, sending NOQSL means WHAT?.. No qsl 
from who.. HIM or ME? In this regard my proposal is NQN "No Qsl Needed". No QSL 
Needed meaning that one does not need to send me a QSL card to receive mine. 
He/she will get my qsl regardless of his/her having sent me a QSL card already 
or not.

Leave the International Q-Code alone. It does not belong entirely to Amateur 

73, de UA3VCS

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