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[CQ-Contest] "Blind" Moves in NAQP

Subject: [CQ-Contest] "Blind" Moves in NAQP
From: k4ro@k4ro.net (K4RO Kirk Pickering)
Date: Mon Jan 13 21:43:28 2003
This happened to me several times.  My guess is that someone 
moved a station to within a hundred hertz of me without listening
first to see if the frequency was busy.  A blind move, if you will.

-Kirk  K4RO

K7BigGun wrote

> An interesting thing, but in reverse, sort of happened to me during the
> contest. I was CQing away and working a few here and there and some station
> came on calling another stateside station over and over. I had not left the
> freq at all so I was wondering where the guys receiver was listening cuz he
> was loud at my end. I just kept working guys through him and he finally left
> without ever making his appointed sked. My guess is his RIT was "in the
> ditch" or something.

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