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[CQ-Contest] Statement regarding the use of BEACONet in ARRL VHF Contes

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Statement regarding the use of BEACONet in ARRL VHF Contests
From: dhenderson@arrl.org (Henderson, Dan N1ND)
Date: Fri Jan 17 09:39:05 2003
First, please feel free to forward this statement to other reflectors as =

There is a growing controversy in regards to the use of BEACONet in the =
upcoming ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes and other ARRL VHF contests.

Let me be very plain and straightforward:  The ARRL has determined that =
the use of BEACONet  is considered self-spotting of your station.  =
Self-spotting is specifically not allowed under the provisions of the =
General Rules for All ARRL Contests:

        3.14. In contests where spotting nets are permissible, spotting your =
own station or
                requesting another station to spot you is not permitted.

This determination has been clearly presented to those involved with the =
BEACONet program.  However there have been postings to many reflectors =
stating that they believe the issue has been wrongly decided.  That will =
continue to be discussed as time progresses. =20

However, so there is no misunderstanding: the use of BEACONet to solicit =
contacts during the contest period may make your entry subject to action =
by the ARRL Awards Committee.

Since I may not be subscribed to the reflector where you ultimately read =
this please forward questions, etc directly to me.  I will collect them =
and add them to the information for the Awards Committee.=20

Thanks and 73

Dan Henderson, N1ND
ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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