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[CQ-Contest] DXC dxconcentrator update

Subject: [CQ-Contest] DXC dxconcentrator update
From: marc.wullaert3@pandora.be (Marc Wullaert ON4MA)
Date: Sat Jan 18 14:48:54 2003
Give a visit to www.on5oo.com. On  this page you find a telnetclient
 program written by Jack ON5OO.This program is written for dx'ers and
contesters.In 1minute you are setup to connect a max of 50 dxclusters on the
You can download a trailversion. Now there is the possibilty to buy with
credit-card savely.
Give it a try .

73 / dx

ON4MA Marc
visit www.on5oo.com

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