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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: 40M Band Plans
From: John Warren <nt5c@texas.net>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 16:56:59 -0600
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Rich K2WR wrote:

As far as the band plan itself, I think it's a laudatory attempt to separate
incompatible uses of shared spectrum.  However, the (40M) band plan is not
necessary practical in every instance.  In my opinion, the ARRL Int'l DX
Contest (both modes) represents two such instances.  There are a few others,
although not very many.  Some people advocate inflexible application of the
band plan at all times.  I do not.  That is one of the differences between a
band plan and a rule.  As long as the radio regulations for a specific
country, or the specific rules of a contest, do not absolutely require
adherence to a band plan without deviation, then I think people are only
limited by the specific written terms of their license.  Maybe I wouldn't
personally announce a listening frequency of 7020 kHz on SSB, but I'm not
going to castigate an operator at W3LPL or anywhere else for doing so as
long as it's within license terms.


All bets are off in a big contest, with the limited spectrum 7000-7100 filled with the mode in use that weekend. I think most people can live with that. As a 'phone DXer I know I can survive the 3 big CW weekends, with signals up to 7080. Outside the contests people respect the informal 7040 boundary reasonably well, except of course for W1AW code practice on 7047.

John, NT5C.
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