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[CQ-Contest] Fragmenting and cheapening contests.

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fragmenting and cheapening contests.
From: K3BU@aol.com
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 23:06:33 EST
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In a message dated 3/17/04 1:07:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
frugoli@worldlinkisp.com writes:
>>Maybe it's a 24 hour contest but you can only operate 6 hours.<<

And maybe 2 hours, or 15 minutes, more categories?
We have been there every year. If you can't hack whatever hours, just do what 
you can. If you want certificate, let me know what you want on it and I will 
print and mail you one.

We have contests with rules. They have been around for a while, they have 
established all time records. 
Contests I don't like, or can't hack it, I either don't go or go whatever I 
can devote. Stop breaking contests into fractions, diluting by silly 
categories, cheapening it, tailoring rules to fit "me."

Are you too old? Operate whatever you can. You should have enough 
certificates and plaques by now. Make a room for little pistols. 
Need more sleep? Pick a single band category. 
Don't have room for antennas? Take your IC706 and spool of wire and go to 

I haven't seen anyone trying to break the Marathon into smaller 
Marathonlings. (Yea, they made category for women, because they can't beat men 

I devised, with help of others "perfect" contest - Tesla Cup, that would 
satisfy many requests rehashed here, has good rules, 24 hour segments with 2 
breaks, great "equalizing" scoring, been there for three years. CQ and ARRL do 
not want to be it's Godfathers ("too many contests" already).  You like it? 
Can we make it our own, Internet supported? What else needs to be done?
See it at http://www.k3bu.us/tesla_cup.htm

73 Yuri, K3BU
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