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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 01:33:38 -00
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N7MAL wrote:
> Sometimes ABC is actually responding to N7ML 
> and I miss that to especially in a split operation. 
> N7ML, Craig, is a real DXer and Contester, I 
> run across him all the time.
> Now I send ABC a card. What is ABC supposed
> to do, after all N7ML and N7MAL are only off by 
> a letter and the time is right. 
What Mal describes is an honest mistake --- he really ISN'T in the log at
ABC --- but if N7MAL gets his card there, and N7ML doesn't (or gets his
card there late) and ABC subscribes to the "only on letter off" rule, N7MAL
now has an unearned card.
Now how about this "not so honest" mistake. Suppose K0HB really needs ABC
who's on 160M one evening for WAZ-160. Try as he might, he can't make the
Q, but he hears ABC work K9HB or K0HD or K0SB (all "only a dit off"). If
K0HB weren't such an
upstanding-stalwart-church-going-DXer-who-always-yields-to-QRPers he might
well be tempted to sneak this one through on the "only a dit off" rule.
Cass might say "Sunuvagun"!
73, de Hans, K0HB

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