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[CQ-Contest] Hunting the challengers

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Hunting the challengers
From: "Jukka Klemola" <jukka.klemola@elisanet.fi>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 10:46:49 +0200
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I am amazed to see the amount of energy invested to one single current
The case as such is so clear, I do not think the object will bother to
submit the log.
What amazes me more, is that I do not believe that the object won
The phenomena as such is something we cannot accept as a community of
people who play by the rules.
If the end result is the method of CQing-over-the-net would be allowed
by contest sponsors, it will amaze me even more.
However, there are cases from the recent years that even the winner of a
continent in a major contest has been allowed 'some' self spotting.
That is there is encouragement for this type of activity, even from the
contest sponsors.
Now is the time the contest sponsors need to start to draw a line what
is allowed regarding this.
I am awaiting for contest sponsors' reactions to the work done by K1TTT
and many others.
Some other sports are watching against doping and have rules for
Jukka OH6LI
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