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[CQ-Contest] "?" not equal to "QRL?"

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] "?" not equal to "QRL?"
From: Marijan Miletic <s56a@bit.si>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:51:42 +0100
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N6TJ wrote:
Just because a frequency might sound unoccupied in YOUR narrow slice  
of the
world, it does not mean it's not loaded by others  on the other side  
of the

EU slice of the HF world is about 10.000 km covering whole USA and  
I can happily run parallel with Oceania stations most of the time.
Only DX Cluster may show double occupancy.

Hamradio freqs are least used part of HF spectrum.
We are not preserving them by NOT using them.
HF OTH radars appear quickly in our bands.

I often quote K3EST:  The best antenna is one radiating most!
I even enjoy QRP CW :-)

73 de Mario, M/S56A, N1YU

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