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Re: [CQ-Contest] CT vs. N1MM

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CT vs. N1MM
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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 23:26:14 -0000
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Pete is right, he  is biased I am not ;-). TRlog was a huge
leap forward in contest logging, and it was only when XP
came along and TR patently would never port to Windows that
I migrated. Initially that was to Writelog, but when that
ultimately failed the modality test ( in S&P mode)  I was
dragged screaming to N1MM, and boy am I glad I was!

Those who hanker after the CT look and feel , will choose
Wintest, but that does not offer modality, and the authors
have no plans so to do. If stabbing F keys is your wont that
works, but otherwise it's no contest, N1MM is the clear

Oh, OK I admit it, I AM biased after all.

Hey, let's rejoice in our diversity!



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I'm biased - I work on the N1MM project - but I think there
is no comparison.  N1MM really took off from where TR Log
stopped, which was really a quantum step forward over CT,
particularly on CW.

A critical difference is that both TR and N1MM programs are
"modal' - that is, they work differently (and intuitively)
for running and S&P.  When you are running, you type a
station's call and hit Enter.  The program sends the other
station's call and your exchange to him.  You copy his
exchange, hit Enter again, and the program logs the QSO and
sends TU QRZ...

In S&P mode, the same keystrokes are used, but the result is
different.  Type the call and hit Enter, and your call is
sent.  If the station answers you copy your exchange and hit
Enter again, and it sends your exchange to him and logs the
QSO.  Couldn't be simpler.

I read Mal's complaint about complexity.  From my own
experience doing user support, most of the problems result
from people trying to DO really complicated things with the
software, like SO2R with one or both radios operating split,
or experimenting with advanced capabilities and getting
fouled up.

For a beginner, you really need only 2 or 3 windows open -
the Entry window, the Check window, and the Log.  Then you
can add things as you become comfortable, and if you get
tangled up, it's just a matter of renaming the simple .ini
file and starting over.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 12:31 PM 10/18/2006, Warren Rothberg wrote:
>I have used CT for contesting since I bought my first copy
in Dayton in
>1987. I have not kept up with developments in the N1MM
contest software at
>all. So now, 19 years later, I am wondering what the
pros/cons of each
>package are. Has anyone published a comparison? Is it time
to change?
>Thanks for your input.
>Warren, W4WR
>p.s. By the way, my setup is XP SP2 with dual monitors.
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