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Re: [CQ-Contest] Improving Concentration

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Improving Concentration
From: Doug Smith W9WI <w9wi@earthlink.net>
Date: 05 Jan 2007 10:22:20 -0600
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On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 08:29, George Fremin III wrote:
>   So over the years I have avoided having 
>   these around or setting goals like that - it just did not work for me.

Something that helps for me (though not enough judging from the number
of part-time entries<grin>) is to set very short-term goals.

For example, if I have 367 QSOs, my goal is 400.  Once I have 400 QSOs,
I notice I have 48 mults.  My goal becomes 50 mults.  Once I have 50
mults, I notice my raw score is 78,223; my goal becomes 80,000 points. 
By the time I have 80,000 points, I might have 471 QSOs, so the goal
becomes 500.  I keep pushing for the next even number -- there's always
an achievable goal hanging in front of me.  Until with two hours to go, 
the goal becomes simply to stay awake until the end of the
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN  EM66

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