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[RTTY] 2015-2016 RTTY Contest Plaques

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Subject: [RTTY] 2015-2016 RTTY Contest Plaques
From: Ray Fallen <ray.fallen@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 07:39:29 -0500
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Good morning...

Well, another CQ-WW RTTY has come and gone and as we await the results,
please consider supporting the award plaque program for not only WW,
but also CQ-WPX and the December 10 Meter RTTY Contest.

Through some artful negotiations, I've been able to work out a price
reduction compared to prior years: plaques to be shipped in the United
States are $55.00(US)
again this year and plaques to be shipped overseas are $65.00(US) each.
You may pay by check made payable to Ray Fallen to my CBA or, if you add
the PayPal fees,
to my PayPal account:  ND8L@ARRL.NET.  Please indicate the contest and
category you wish to sponsor on your check or in the PayPal remittance.

PayPal payments received without the fees will be returned.

If I can ship multiple plaques to one location (think K9CT or LX7I, for
example), I am able to reduce those prices a bit more since we're saving
some money on postage.
Please contact me off list regarding your specific situation.

Plaques are shipped without tracking ability, so once again, I am unable to
guarantee receipt for plaques shipped overseas.  Tracking is available for
an additional
fee.  Again, please contact me off list.

If you HAVE sponsored a CQ-WW RTTY plaque previously, please e-mail me and
indicate if you wish to continue your sponsorship, no later than December
1, 2015.

After that date, all reservations for specific categories will be on a
first come, first served basis.

If you HAVE NOT sponsored a CQ-WW RTTY plaque previously, please indicate
the category or categories you are interested in sponsoring and e-mail me
as soon
as possible. I will confirm receipt of  your e-mail when I receive it...so
if you don't hear from me in two or three days, send your e-mail again.

The time stamp of your e-mail will be the deciding factor in who sponsors
any specific category.

As reservations are received, the appropriate Web Pages on the CQ-WW RTTY,
CQ-WPX RTTY and 10 Meter RTTY Contest web pages will be updated.

On a less joyful note, from the tone of the occasional complaining e-mail
I've received, I think some folks believe that running the plaque program
is my full-time job
for which I am handsomely compensated.  Unfortunately, it just ain't so.
Ed W0YK, Don AA5AU and I do this out of love for the sport, nothing more,
nothing less.
We all have full-time careers and other significant responsibilities that
occupy our time and energy.

To that end, when we get closer to receiving the contest results and I have
to ask for payment for the plaque or plaques you have spoken for, I am
going to
e-mail you ONCE requesting payment.  If I have not received your payment
within fourteen (14) days of the request, your sponsorship will be
If someone else has expressed an interest in sponsoring "your"
category...it will become theirs upon payment.  If no one has expressed
interest in the
category, I will announce the sponsorship opportunity on the RTTY and
Contest reflectors and will also contact the winner to see if they wish to
purchase the plaque.

I cannot and will not chase people for money.  It just ain't in my job
description, man.

73, Ray - ND8L
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