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[na-user] NA + TEN TEC OMNI

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Subject: [na-user] NA + TEN TEC OMNI
From: Bill Straw <WB0O/0007359114@MCIMAIL.COM> (Bill Straw)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:36:10 -0500 (EST)
   I was all excited about the CQWWCW, I had made a cable to
connect the OMNI to the computer running NA 10.23. I would
finally have a band map to use during the endless S&P runs.

   In short it doesn't work (very well). The radio changes
bands with the computer, and the band map was great for the
few hours I had it connected, but I had lots of bugs:

   1) The VFO dial would lock up (digitally not mechanicaly)
      every few seconds. This was very noticable as I tuned
      across a band.
   2) The keying would skip out. This has never happened before
   3) Everything went back to normal when  when I disconnected
      232 plug from the back of the radio.

   And yes I was using a custom made cable as per the NA manual
re: OMNI VI users.

Any ideas?????????????????


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