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[na-user] DOS on a mac

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Subject: [na-user] DOS on a mac
From: Bill Long <> (Bill Long)
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:59:52 +0000
In reply to Bill Fisher --

I run lots of DOS/Windows programs on a Mac.  The Mac is a better computer
than you think, quite stable and compatible with many things.  The powerpc
chip was designed for emulation, and it emulates a 386 chip quite well.
IBM's don't emulate Macs very well, but not so the other way around.

No, my initial report was simply to echo the previously reported alt-L bug
that folks found when running on IBM machines.  I meant to show that the
bug appears in other configurations as well.

I had no intention of starting a computer brand controversy, and I freely
admit that IBM makes fine computers.

73, Bill

>> I am running it under DOS on a Macintosh clone computer

>I dont know anything about mac's... but I know I wouldnt try to run PC
>software on a Mac.  Congrats that CT works.  This is probably an issue
>with the compilers that each of these software uses.

Bill Long NY3M

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