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[na-user] More Problems w/IARU and 10.30

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Subject: [na-user] More Problems w/IARU and 10.30
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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 12:00:31 EDT
I didn't experience any problems because I logged in MIXED mode---but later
discounted the SSB Q' wasn't as productive as I'd hoped.
I have experienced a couple minor glitches, nits, really:
(1) long organization names were a problem, such as VERON and MRASZ. The field
only allows 4 characters...
(2) let's say I'd worked a mult on 20, 15, and 10, and was now on 40. If I
entered a station's call that was that mult and hit the space bar, I'd get
"CHECK MULT: xx needed on 160 160 80" where xx was the zone or org name. This
redundant 160 thing was prevalent throughout the contest.
Other'n that, NA 10.30 worked just fine.
73, Bert N4CW (N4CW@AOL.COM)

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