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[NA-User] QSO information bug?

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Subject: [NA-User] QSO information bug?
From: (
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 16:21:16 -0400
I use NA for general operating - using the contest template "NA Logger with

With the new version 10.57 (and maybe earlier, I haven't checked), the QSO
information does not get saved correctly. For instance, there is a
"callsign" field, sent RST, received RST, and "comments" field. The
"comments" field holds 9 characters (ABCDEFGHI). However, when you press
"return" to log the QSO, it only saves 6 of the characters (ABCDEF),
stripping off the last three (GHI).

I noticed this using a .QDF file I have had going for a couple of years. I
tried creating a new .QDF file using 10.57 and it still will only allow 6 of
the 9 characters in the "comments" field to be saved.

I know that recently the fields were re-vamped to allow more information to
be saved for each QSO, like long exchanges in the QRP contests, and so
forth, but I fear the code for "NA-logger with countries" (and perhaps other
templates) got scrambled up.


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