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[NA-User] NA and WIn 98 DOS

To: <>
Subject: [NA-User] NA and WIn 98 DOS
From: (k9tm)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 19:08:00 -0500
"David A. Pruett" wrote:
> I know K9TM regularly runs NA under Win98 successfully.

I also run it in Windows ME DOS window with no problems as well.

I even watch TV (from a TV-tuner card that is in my PC) in a window
while sending CW from NA running in another Window.  I have even setup
with 2 video cards and dual monitors and run NA and the TV in windows on
one monitor and GeoChron software on the other monitor.  I know it makes
Dave Cringe when I tell him :-)

The most important thing is to get rid of all that crap running in the
task bar, usually loaded at startup... like Virus Checkers, Screen
Savers, Palm-Pilot software, scanner software, etc.  All this crap is
generally not well behaved.  Windows is just not a real-time OS.

73 Tim K9TM

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