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[NA-User] PAQSO Party VE changes

Subject: [NA-User] PAQSO Party VE changes
From: Jim Stahl via NA-User <>
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Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2016 23:10:15 -0400
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The Pennsylvania QSO Party has changed their multiplier list for 2016, now 
adding the four Ontario sections. Has, or will, an updated CRT file be 


Jim  K8MR

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> Subject: [qsopartygroup] PAQSO Party VE changes
> Date: August 18, 2016 at 11:52:30 AM EDT
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> Good day, all,
> Starting this year, the PAQSO Party will be changing the multipliers for the 
> VE Sections. While there is truly no standard listing, it does not seem fair 
> to not use the 4 new Ontario sections as multipliers. In the search for a 
> standardized listing, and with none found, we have decided to go with the 
> Canadian multiplier list that the ARRL uses for most of it’s contests. Which 
> are:
> MAR -VE1 and VY2
> NL -V01 and VO2
> QC -VE2
> ONN -VE3
> ONS    -VE3
> ONE -VE3
> GTA    -VE3
> MB -VE4
> SK -VE5
> AB -VE6
> BC -VE7
> NT -VE8, VY1, and VY0
> N1MM N3FJP and Writelog have been advised, and if anyone has software they 
> use, and would like me to advise the writers of the changes, let me know.
> -73 de Mike N3LI -
> __._,_.___

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