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[RFI] Rfi from a neighbor.

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Subject: [RFI] Rfi from a neighbor.
From: "Lee K7TJR" <k7tjr@msn.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 07:36:22 -0800
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     Having sold electric fences for a living, I can tell you that the recorded 
ticking on the ARRL site is not from an underground dog fence. The underground 
dog fence wires use a continuous RF transmitter loop and a receiver on a dog 
collar. It only shocks the dog when he goes across the underground wire. That 
ticking in the ARRL mp3 is from an above ground electric fence. Two important 
things. There will generally be no noise from an electric  fence unless there 
is an arc somewhere. Most often due to bad connections somewhere, or the high 
voltage wire is touching something that is grounded. Most people using these 
things have very little understanding of electricity and how it flows. I have 
seen installations where people just staple the wire to a wooden fence and then 
wonder why it did not work when it rained. These things operate at Kilovolts 
and up. Second important thing is that some cities or municipalities actually 
have ordinances against electric fences being used w
 ithin their boundaries. It might be worth checking with local authorities. 
This could be used as a last resort. Some people here in the Pacific NW 
actually have electric fences around their backyard fish ponds to keep the 
Racoons from eating their often expensive pond fish. No dogs involved so be 
sure and check things out before any direct accusations.
   Lee  K7TJR Oregon
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