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Re: [RFI] Anyone observed damage to the "guard wire grounds"?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Anyone observed damage to the "guard wire grounds"?
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 22:17:39 +0000
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I have never heard them called 'guard' wires.  Normal terminology for a
non-power carrying conductor above the power line are 'shield' or 'static'
wire.  These are normally only used on higher voltage systems where the
power conductors are high enough to be exposed to lightning above the trees.
Lower voltage distribution lines normally have a 'ground' or 'neutral' wire
under the power conductors.  Both of those types of wires should be grounded
regularly.  Shield wires are normally grounded at every tower or pole
because the main purpose is to provide a safe path to ground for lightning
currents.  Ground wires may not be grounded at every pole, but should be
connected to all pole hardware, like guy wires, transformers, and lightning

Any time you see a wire broken on a pole, or observe any other damage to a
pole you should report it to the power company giving them the street
address and any numbers on tags that are on the pole.  Note that with the
changes to electric company organization the company that handles
distribution problems (poles on your street that feed houses and businesses)
is probably different than the one that handles transmission lines (the big
lines that go between substations and generation stations).  If you don't
know which is which or who to call contact your local non-emergency police
or fire dispatch center (unless something is burning or arcing, then use
911) and let them pass it on.

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> Subject: [RFI] Anyone observed damage to the "guard wire grounds"?
> Someone posted this to another list and it is something I have
> not noticed nor have considered re. RFI and grid surge
> protection.
> Is he correct?
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> How secure is the #6 solid copper wire that runs down the
> side of each
> power pole in your neighborhood?
> Have you noticed that many of these wires are severed?
> This wire on each power pole is designed to locally ground
> that wire at
> the top of the power pole, called the guard wire. It runs
> parallel to the
> actual power wires, but the guard wire is uppermost, in
> order to guard
> the power wires below.
> Not all distribution systems use a guard wire, but for those
> that do not,
> the #6 copper wire that disappears into the ground is
> nontheless
> necessary as it also maintains a grounded condition
> pole-by-pole of
> one end of each pole-mounted surge arrestor.
> The surge arrestors, scattered along the pole route, are
> designed to
> shunt to ground any voltage in excess of that normally
> present on the
> power wires.  (Lightning, static, EMP, power station surge,
> etc.)
> Any EMP event, manmade or natural, will tend to elevate the
> voltage
> present on the power lines - unless the system's protection
> is intact
> as designed.
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