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Re: [RFI] Samsung TV strange RFI problem

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Samsung TV strange RFI problem
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Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 12:46:43 -0400
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Is the symptom only the menu screen?
Is possible the Samsung is receiving your RF and sees the signal as the menu
command. This scenario was very common back when CFLs first flooded the
market. I would cover the remote receiver eye with a tinted lens, like a
piece from an old sunglass lens and it worked perfectly. The CFL
manufacturers started mailing the lenses when they received complaints. Give
it a try. Also, is your RF causing a touch control lamp or RF remote lamp
containing a CFL to come on? All these were very common and I now get about
1 of these complaints a year.

Mike Martin
RFI Services
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All my TVs are fine expect one in the house.
My daughter has a new Samsung LCD and when I am on 20 meters her menu 
appears and keeps changing on the screen.
It is like you are hitting the input buttton on the remote to change the the

source and other things you can do with the remote.  Basically , I am acting

like the remote input button.

There are no wavy lines and noise just the menu changing.

I removed her componenet cables and tried HDMI with no luck. Other than AC 
and HDMI no other cables go to the TV. I think it may have happened with all

the cables off but I'd have to check that agian.

It seems with the Samsung I'm affecting the TV menu as if she were changing 
it with the remote.
My 2 Sonys are fine.

Hope someone has a cure.

Tks very much.



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