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RE: [SD-User] Club Calls setup ?

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Subject: RE: [SD-User] Club Calls setup ?
From: "Andy Hewitt" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:40:03 -0000
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Surely the best solution is to give each club a registration number or code
(like district codes in other contests) of just two or three characters,
unless the object is to copy long club names correctly. In which case points
should be lost for each error, e.g putting "the" into Vale of White Horse
Amateur Radio Society.
Andy G3SVD

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Club Calls setup ?

Richard W L Limebear wrote:
>> Agreed abbreviation codes could
>> certainly be allocated to each Affiliated Society just for the
>> purpose of this contest.
>It would at least be easier if one could write "ARS" "RC" and "ARC"
>instead of the full Monty - what a pain. Likewise the names of some
>clubs eg "Enfield, Southgate and district Wireless, plasticine and
>electronics society" don't help either.

It certainly doesn't make for a fair contest.

Perhaps the first question is whether 'Club Calls' should be a contest
at all? Another option would be a non-competitive all-day get-together
for club stations, more like JOTA. That would have the advantage of
taking the pressure off, and giving less experienced operators much more
chance to participate. (It would also save Paul a job :-)

If it is going to be a contest, then perhaps it should be scored by
adding-up the total length of all the club names exchanged, i.e.
received *plus* sent? Maybe I'm half-joking here... just not sure which

73 from Ian G3SEK

Full club name: "Vale of White Horse Amateur Radio Society without a 'the'"

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