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[SD-User] No Prefix

Subject: [SD-User] No Prefix
From: (Richard W L Limebear)
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 18:12:27 GMT
List-post: <>
Hello SD Gang

Listening to CQWW I couldn't help but notice a (to me) new culture in the
contest exchanges; slick operators in a "run" were only sending the suffix
of callsigns. e.g. not "G3RWL 5NN14" but "RWL 5NN14".

I would find this facility useful as a configurable option in SD - I wonder:
1. is this possible without a major software re-write; and
2. would other operators also find it useful ?
   (or is it already there and I didn't RTFM ?)

Operators would still have to type in the full callsign (for logging reasons)
but the software should strip off the prefix and just transmit the suffix. 
In slower contests with less-skilled operators it could waste time by causing 
confusion so it should be configurable ON or OFF.

Comments ?????

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL 8P6DR
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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