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[SD-User] ARRL 10-Metre Contest

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Subject: [SD-User] ARRL 10-Metre Contest
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 20:05:24 -0000
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The ARRL 10m contest takes place next weekend 13/14th December. 
There are CW, SSB, and mixed-mode sections.

Reminder - do NOT use SD's ZAP command at any time.  If you do,
you may lose data.

Select SD Type 10 - General, County and Area Multipliers.

1. Single Mode Entry (SSB-only or CW-only)

.MLT File            : ARRL10 
.CTY File            : DXCC 
Multipliers Count    : B (by band - Yes, I know it's 10m only) 
Points per QSO       : 4 (for a CW-only entry) 
                       2 (for an SSB-only entry) 
Pts/Bonus            : 0 (multipliers) 
Receive Serial from 
   Area QSOs (W/VE)  : N 
Mode                 : CW or SSB 
Mixed-mode           : N 

2. Mixed Mode Entry - both CW and SSB

.MLT File            : ARRL10 
.CTY File            : DXCC 
Multipliers Count    : B (by band - Yes, I know it's 10m only) 
Points per QSO       : 0 (variable) 
Pts/Bonus            : 0 (multipliers) 
Points / Area QSO    : 0 (same as other QSOs) 
Points vary by mode  : Y 
             by band : N 
         by location : N 
Points CW            : 4 
Points SSB           : 2 
Receive Serial from 
    Area QSOs (W/VE) : N 
Mode                 : CW or SSB (your mode now) 
Mixed Mode           : Y 
Mults count on both 
               modes : Y 
Work same station 
       on both modes : Y 

Work everyone. 
W/VE send RS(T) and State. 
DX send RS(T) and Serial.

QSOs with /N and /T (USA novice and technician) stations
are automatically scored as 8 points.  However, SD does
not count maritime mobile stations in Regions 1, 2 and 3
as separate multipliers. Don't worry, ARRL will score your
Cabrillo log correctly.  I mention this in case you need
to adjust your claimed score.

The published rules at
are ambiguous as to whether Alaska and Hawaii count as
states or DX countries.  I'll try to get a ruling before
the start of the contest.

In the meantime, SD's latest ARRL10.MLT file assumes that
KL7 and KH6 are DX countries for scoring purposes, and
that they send serials rather than state abbreviations.

After the contest, use SDCHECK to create your .LOG file 
in ARRL's Standard File Format (Cabrillo). You're free 
to edit the Summary information if necessary (for example, 
add soapbox comments) - but do not edit the QSO records.

A reminder that, in Cabrillo logs, dupes are not marked, 
multipliers are not indicated, and QSOs are not scored. 
ARRL will do all this independently with your log.

Rename your .LOG file to YOURCALL.LOG (the call used in 
the contest) and email it, as an attached file, to by 14th January 2004.

Operating strategy for Mixed-Mode entries.

Here is my suggested strategy for mixed-mode entries.
It was good for first place (low power DX) in 1991,
second place in 1992, and third place in 2001.

CW QSOs score double points (4 compared to 2 on SSB). 
Therefore, you should operate CW as much as possible, as 
your QSO rates on CW will nearly always be greater than
50% of your SSB rates (QSOs per hour).

However, multipliers score on both modes - so use SSB as 
necessary to ensure that your SSB multipliers stay close 
to your CW multipliers.  SD shows SSB and CW multipliers

At least 75% of your QSOs should be CW - and your average
Points/QSO will then be 3.5 or greater. If your average
falls to 3.0, it means you have equal numbers of CW and
SSB QSOs - you may be having fun, but you're probably not
scoring as well as you might.

Paul EI5DI
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