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[SD-User] Cabrillo logs

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Subject: [SD-User] Cabrillo logs
From: "ray wilkin" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 16:52:43 -0000
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Help please.

Am using SD for Windows V1008 and SD Check 1007. System is Windows XP.

Since starting to use the Windows version of SD have had a problem with the SD 
Check. After contests I have run SD Check as normal, then have taken option 1 
to create a Cabrillo log and filled in all the necessary items. In three 
contests the same thing has happened, there has been no sign of the log. For 
example after CQWW contest and running option 1 was unable to locate CQWW.LOG 
but a text file in Notepad had been created in the SD folder and this carried 
the entire Cabrillo log. After several attempts in CQWW and no log being 
created changed the name of this text file to G0UKX.LOG and forwarded it as an 
entry. The Robot accepted it so it seems to be OK. Logged a few stations in the 
ARRL 10m Contest and the same thing happened when trying to create a Cabrillo 
log. Has anyone any idea what is happening to my Cabrillo log? Any help would 
be appreciated.


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