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[SD-User] Windows XP & SDWIN VER 10.11

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Subject: [SD-User] Windows XP & SDWIN VER 10.11
From: "dof" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 22:02:09 -0000
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Hi all,

        Hope somebody can help me before the weekend ARRL. Problem:     New PC 
Windows XP. SD WIN ver 10.11. Same config as on old pc (win98) ie CW Port =
5 (LPT), Rig port = 1 (com 1). Radio = Kenwood.
        Cant get SD to key the rig. I also notice that the curser flashes funny 
the data entry line.
        Not very familiar with XP so I hope someone can help out.

de Denis EI6HB

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