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[SD-User] Keyboard mode - More

Subject: [SD-User] Keyboard mode - More
From: Darren G0TSM <>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:25:28 +0000
List-post: <>
I'm using XP and in SD-Win, I can only type one character at a time when in CW keyboard mode. If I type G0TSM quickly I get G-M and thats all( the M is the first part of the zero, the rest is missing).
I just found this out as was working a few stations in the ARRL DX contest and someone asked me a question and I went into Keyboard mode.

Keyboard buffer problem?

OS XP-Pro, PC is an Athlon XP2400+ 512MB so the should be plenty of spare CPU power.

Darren G0TSM

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