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[SD-User] V10.12 released

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Subject: [SD-User] V10.12 released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:52:03 -0000
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V10.12         20 February 2004

SD - ZAP command:
    The ZAP command has been reinstated.  It lets
    you delete the most recent QSO, and updates
    points and adjusts dupe and mult totals as
    necessary.  DEL is an alternative to ZAP.

    Apart from using ZAP to delete QSOs logged in
    error, it's useful for logging a few practice
    QSOs before the start of a contest, to check
    that everything is working OK. Then you can ZAP
    them all, one at a time, before logging real

SD - Edit points on QSOs already logged.
    The POINTS (or PTS) command lets you edit the
    points for any QSO without leaving SD. It's not
    very elegant, but it works and it adjusts band
    and mode totals as appropriate.  

    If you do not enter a new points value, nothing

SD - CQ WPX Contest.
    Restored automatic display of prefix sets worked
    and wanted as you enter callsigns.  For example,
    with DL in the callsign field, you see the status
    of all 10 prefixes from DL0 to DL9, and the ones
    shown in bold are wanted.

SD - Type 10: General, Country and Area Multipliers.
    Added option to ignore country mults, as in the
    Hungarian contest (with Area mults for HA QSOs
    only), but to use the country file (usually
    DXCC.CTY) to calculate the correct points for
    other QSOs based on continent.

SD - Your callsign on the opening screen.
    Fixed interpretation of own country for calls
    of the type G4RCG/HI. This affected calculation
    of points for QSOs based on continent. Calls of
    the type HI/G4RCG had been treated correctly.

SD - FOC Marathon.
    Edits on previous QSOs zeroised the score for
    that QSO.  Fixed.

    The Score Summary window now shows five-band
    and six-band totals. 

    When FOC.LST is loaded, and a membership number
    is entered in the callsign field, a second enter
    retrieves the member's callsign.  There may be a
    conflict with SD's rig QSY feature, as some
    membership numbers are over 1800. To force a QSY,
    add Q to the number.  For example 1823 + Enter
    fetches the callsign for FOC member 1823. 1823Q
    moves the rig to 1823 kHz.

SD Type 11 - unrestricted option for RSGB AFS & CC:
    It was possible to start SD in such a way that
    limited unregistered users to 30 QSOs.  Fixed.

    The BPS command (to set serial port baud rate)
    was broken.  Fixed.

UBA Contest:
    Added Cabrillo option in SDCHECK.

    Fixed broken code for the audit feature - it
    stopped SDX from running.
    AUTOCW:  Once selected, it stays selected, and
    it is not reset by playing any memory key.

    Fixed the .PRT print file option - did not list
    Serial Sent for the RSGB Club Championship.


The programs may be downloaded from

Please let me know what you'd like to see in the next

IMPORTANT:  Keep a copy of whatever version(s) of SD
you're using now - as insurance!

Paul EI5DI
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