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Subject: [SD-User] SD-V11.22
From: "Ron Horsley" <>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 15:30:34 +0100
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Re other postings on experience with SD V11.22 this weekend I can confirm
what the others have said.  Pleased in a way it is not my fault but equally
disappointed and frustrated.
Limited time to spend on WPX contest and each time I turned on had the same
duplicate use of a serial number, noticed it once and put in a dummy call to
sort it out afterwards.  Lost another QSO, both numbered the same - no good
for an entry.

Each time I 'arrowed  up' to correct what I had logged - serial number
received or call sign entry error  - I found that for each edit there was an
additional QSO in the *.ALL and the other files .

I created a new SD contest name and retyped the whole contest into it but
the editing problem repeated itself.  Did this in one run, only 150 Q's, so
no 'same number' problem this time BUT new problems - 7 Q's did not appear
in the *.CAB file  (check your serial numbers sent is a full list) and 5 new
duplications appeared, not the usual Dupe we know about but due to an edit,
all these had to be edited out.

During the contest several stations told me 'work B4' I didn't always
believe the op at the other end and made repeat Q's BUT going through *.ALL
file they are there.

The blue screen referred to appeared at each start up indicating editing in
the wrong editor but it last in-view only a fraction of a second and there
was nothing I knew to do.

Took a lot of time just to sort out my few Q's. A printout of the original
*.TXT file showed the problems and made editing a little easier but quite an
experience I don't wish to repeat.


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