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Re: [SD-User] Trouble with V 11.31 on W98SE

Subject: Re: [SD-User] Trouble with V 11.31 on W98SE
From: "Dave Sergeant" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 07:04:49 +0100
List-post: <>
On 19 Jun 2005 at 23:04, Paul O'Kane wrote:

> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: <>
> > . . I am having the same problem with V11.31 on my Windows 98se
> > machine as Alex G3ZBE has.
> It seems that this problem affects Win98 but not WinXP.
> I don't have a Win98 PC hooked up at the moment, so a fix
> may take a few days.
> In the meantime, you can take your pick of some older
> versions from
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI

OK, I will delay downloading this version!! There are many of who 
still think 98SE is by far the best version of Windows they ever did 
and don't want to go down the slippery slope of bloated gimmicky XP.

Since I now have a laptop which will run Windows 98SE, a Compaq 
Armada which replaces my old Toshiba 386 machine whose backlight 
failed just before WPX, I used SD Windows, actually 11.06, for the 
first time in last weeks Club Challenge. I have to say that I still 
prefer the DOS version... (and SDWin is still effectively the DOS 
version running in a Windows shell).

Is there any update on the problem of being unable to get a full 
screen display on 98SE after the Border function was introduced 
sometime ago? Also I note when SDWin is running it takes priority 
over the rest of Windows - when I wanted to open Control Panel to do 
some checks I found I had to close SD first..

73 Dave G3YMC

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