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Re: [SD-User] Trouble with V 11.31 on W98SE

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Trouble with V 11.31 on W98SE
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 00:44:10 +0100
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From: "Dave Sergeant" <>

> ... Also I note when SDWin is running it takes priority 
> over the rest of Windows - when I wanted to open Control Panel to do 
> some checks I found I had to close SD first..

This can happen if you have used the PRIORITY command to set SD's
run priority to 1 - with a view to getting smoother internal CW.

Even when SD is running at high priority, there's no guarantee of
smooth CW when using the internal keyer. I'd recommend WinKey, and
use PRIORITY to reset SD's priority to 0 (normal).

Paul EI5DI

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