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Re: [SD-User] Rig control problems

To: Martyn Johnson <>,
Subject: Re: [SD-User] Rig control problems
From: Ian Greenshields <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 10:25:45 +0100
List-post: <>
Hi Martyn,

Well, your problem intrigued me to the point where I've just tried it, also
having an FT-817, but never having tried it with SD.

My results appear consistent with yours. SD will read the frequency, but not
band or mode, and will not set the frequency. I'm using the FT-897 control
file, but a quick look at the FT-817 CAT commands and the
FT897.SD<http://FT897.SD>file would indicate they are the same.

I have created a Ten-Tec Jupiter control file, which reads frequency and
mode OK, and SD tracks the band, but I cannot set the frequency as I cannot
tell SD, via the control file, what the set frequency command is.

What is interesting is the FT817 requires the opcode 01 to set frequency
(opcode 03 interrogates frequency, which is in the file), so unless it's
hard coded, it would not appear possible for SD to set the frequency on the
FT-817. Either the FT-897 is different, or that doesn't work either. And I
was thinking all along I just had a weird radio that was different to
everything else!

Why the mode and band is not tracking on the FT-817 is stranger. As I've
already goofed off work for most of the morning, I'll fiddle around with it
and see if I can learn anything!

73 Ian G4FSU

On 10/28/05, Martyn Johnson <> wrote:
> > What rig, and control file, are you using? I have no trouble with the
> band /
> > frequency display (but the Jupiter has a frequency factor of 1).
> I have an FT817. There's no specific rig control file for this, but
> the FT897 uses essentially the same commands so I'm using that control
> file. I've checked the commands in the rig control file against the
> FT817 manual and they are correct.
> The frequency reads perfectly. I presume mode is OK too but I've only
> set up SSB-only contests so I haven't tested that, But having to set
> the band manually is a pain. I'm sure it must be to do with this
> scaling factor.
> I'm really puzzled by the lack of "set frequency" and "set mode"
> instructions in the rig control file. I'm wondering whether Paul has
> perhaps hard-coded the commands for a particular radio in the program
> as "proof of concept" and not got round to parameterising the code.
> --
> Martyn
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